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Monthly Newsletter 

Find out what's new with us each month, from new website features, to discount codes, pop-up shops and more. 

What's new with us in January?

Business Expansion 

2023 will be a good year, and we've got big plans. One of these plans involves expansion, not just for us as Gibson Cameras, but for the entire Gibson Media Group.. 

Although you only know us as a camera store, it's no secret that we're also huge fans of all things vintage & retro. 

Due to launch on 29/01/2023 is our brand new website & business venture,

Here we'll be stocking a wide range of vintage and retro goods such as vintage toys, clothing, tech, home & living and of course all of your favourite photography gear. 

Selling to us.

Throughout December, we had an issue with our buying system, meaning we were unable to offer quotes to anyone who submitted requests to sell their unwanted photography gear to us.

We're pleased to announce that this issue has now been rectified & you can now submit your requests once again. 

Revised service hours

We've taken the decision to revise the hours when you'll be able to chat with a member of our customer service team. 

Our customer service lines for both email and phone calls used to close at 4 PM, this how now been changed to 7 PM for both email & phone lines 


our lines are still closed on Sundays, (Even we need some time off) 

Revised dispatch times 

As of 10/01/23, our same-day dispatch guarantee will change from 3 PM to 7 PM. 

This is good news for people who like to shop a little later in the evening. 

You'll now be able to order up to 7 PM & still have your order dispatched on the same day, 

although this will be changing from MON-SAT to MON-FRI. Orders placed on weekends won't be dispatched until Monday. 


Removal of Klarna 

As of 01/01/23, we have taken the decision to remove one of our Buy now, pay-later providers. This provider is Klarna. 

If you're an avid user of the buy now, pay-later feature that we offer on our website, there's no need to panic, we still offer this feature with Clearpay & Laybuy.


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