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Canon IXUS M-1 | Silver | APS

This camera is in excellent condition with minimal paintwork scuffs.

The viewfinder provides a clean and clear perspective.

The lens is clean and in good condition 

The camera winds and fires correctly.

Includes a leather case for added protection and style.

Canon IXUS M-1 | Silver | APS

£16.00 Regular Price
£11.99Sale Price
  • Brand: Canon 

    Film Type: APS

    Type: Compact 

    Lens Mount: N/A 

    Battery Type: CR2

    Serial No: 7705463

  • The Canon IXUS M-1 is an APS (Advanced Photo System) film camera, featuring a sleek silver design. It was part of Canon's IXUS series, known for its compact and stylish cameras. Introduced in the late 1990s, this camera was designed for simplicity and ease of use. APS cameras, including the IXUS M-1, featured features like easy drop-in film loading, automatic film advance, and multiple image formats (H, C, and P). The IXUS M-1 typically included automatic exposure settings, a fixed focus lens, and a built-in flash. Though the APS format has become obsolete in the digital age, the Canon IXUS M-1 was popular for its fashion-forward design and user-friendly functionality, making it an attractive choice for casual photographers during its time.

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