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There's no stock photographs here, the item you're viewing is what you'll receive. 

Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F/1.7 | Konica AR Mount 

This lens is in good condition with some paintwork scuffing and minor damage to the filter thread

The optics have minor hazing which is reflected in the price. 

The focus operates seamlessly, and the aperture functions accurately.

Caps are not included.

Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F/1.7 | Konica AR Mount

  • Brand: Konica 

    Lens Type: Prime 

    Lens Mount: AR

    Serial No: 7142896

  • The Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7 lens is a standard prime lens designed for Konica's AR mount cameras. Here's a brief description of its key features:

    • Focal Length: The lens has a fixed focal length of 50mm, making it a standard or "normal" lens. This focal length is often preferred for general-purpose photography and is suitable for capturing scenes with a perspective similar to that of the human eye.

    • Fast Aperture: With a wide maximum aperture of f/1.7, the Hexanon AR 50mm lens excels in low-light conditions and allows for creative control over depth of field. The large aperture also enables photographers to achieve a shallow depth of field, isolating subjects from the background.

    • Konica AR Mount: The lens features a Konica AR (Auto-Reflex) mount, which was used on Konica's 35mm SLR cameras. This mount allowed for automatic diaphragm control and other features, providing seamless communication between the camera and lens.

    • Manual Focus: Like many lenses of its era, the Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7 is a manual focus lens. Photographers need to adjust focus manually using the focus ring on the lens barrel.

    • Optical Construction: The lens is constructed with multiple lens elements to achieve optical performance and minimize optical aberrations. The Hexanon lenses were known for their optical quality.

    • Build Quality: Konica lenses, including the Hexanon series, were often well-built with a combination of metal and high-quality plastics. The build quality is generally robust and durable.

    • Versatility: The 50mm focal length is versatile and can be used for a wide range of photography genres, including portraits, street photography, and everyday shooting.

    • Legacy: The Konica Hexanon AR lenses have a legacy and are appreciated by photographers who enjoy using vintage manual-focus lenses. They often deliver a unique rendering and character to images.

    Photographers who have used the Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f/1.7 often praise its optical performance, especially in low-light conditions. The fast aperture and standard focal length make it a go-to lens for various photographic situations.

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