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Last updated June 03, 2021
These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement made between you, whether personally or on behalf of an entity (“you”) and Gibson Cameras ("Company", “we”, “us”, or “our”), concerning your access to and use of the website as well as any other media form, media channel, mobile website or mobile application related, linked, or otherwise connected thereto (collectively, the “Site”). You agree that by accessing the Site, you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all of these Terms of Use. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE TERMS OF USE, THEN YOU ARE EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED FROM USING THE SITE AND YOU MUST DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY.


Terms & Conditions

1. Scope, Applicable Law, and Place of Jurisdiction

1.1 We, Gibson Cameras ("", "we" or "us") operate an online shop for used photo and video cameras including accessories ("Products").

1.2 These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") govern all contracts entered into via the online shop ("Online Shop") between us and you as the customer ("Customer", "you") for (i) the sale of Products that we offer to our customers on the Online Shop ("Sale"); (ii) the purchase of Products that you offer to us on ("purchase"); (iii) the exchange of Products, i.e. a combination of sale and purchase, which includes financial compensation in the event of a difference in the value of the Products ("exchange"), and the use of the online shop by the Customer. Unless expressly regulated otherwise, this agreement applies equally to consumers and traders as defined under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013

1.3 The Online Shop is exclusively aimed at Customers who have reached the age of 18 years.

1.4 By ticking the corresponding box when registering a user account and when making a sale, purchase, or exchange, you accept and agree to be bound by this Agreement. All agreements made between you and us in connection with the sale, purchase, or exchange of Products shall be governed by this Agreement as it stands at the time of the sale, purchase, or exchange. Customer access to the Online Shop is also governed by the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

1.5 We do not accept any other terms of the Customer. This also applies if we do not expressly object to the inclusion of such terms.

1.6 This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England. In the event of any dispute in relation to this Agreement or its subject matter, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts. If you have placed the order as a consumer and have your residence in another country at the time of your order, the application of mandatory legal provisions of this country shall remain unaffected by such choice of law and venue.

2. Registration of a User Account

2.1 You may use the Online Shop either after registering for a user account or without such registration.

2.2 If you opt to register, you are obliged:

2.2.1 to provide correct and complete information requested during registration, and

2.2.2 to maintain and update such data so that it remains complete and accurate; and

2.2.3 keep your password confidential and carefully secure access to your user account.

2.3 The registration of a user account for a legal entity or partnership may only be carried out by an authorized natural person who must be identified by name.

2.4 We reserve the right to suspend or terminate a user account if we have reason to believe that this information is incomplete or incorrect.

2.5 Your user account is not transferable.

The Products offered by us are used products, unless otherwise expressly stated in the respective product description. Used Products may show signs of wear and tear, soiling resulting from previous use, defects, or functional restrictions that do not or only slightly restrict normal use, and similar restrictions typical for used Products. This is stated in our condition descriptions; please read our condition description carefully to avoid misunderstandings. Used Products are typically subject to greater wear and tear than new products and therefore have a lower overall "remaining life expectancy" than new Products of approximately the same type; this applies in particular, but not only, to mechanical components, batteries, and chargers, certain electronic components and parts. On items listed as good and below on-site before purchase, we do not make any guarantees regarding the functionality of built-in light meters or the quality of light seals due to these being components that deteriorate with age and are prone to wear and tear. 

It is our priority that the images of the Products displayed on the Online Shop are faithful reproductions of the original Products. However, as we do not have full control over the colour reproduction properties of the hardware and software you use, we cannot be held responsible for inaccuracies of the photographs shown on the Online Shop.

3.1.3 Customers who have questions or need advice on the Products and their use can contact Customer Service in the following ways:

4. Orders, Entry into Contract

This clause 4 shall apply where we sell the Products. The provisions for purchase and exchange can be found in clause 7.

4.1 Placing an order

Products may be ordered by clicking on the Products you wish to purchase and then following the prompts that will appear on-screen. You may check and correct any input errors in your order up until the point at which you submit your order to us by clicking the "Buy" button on the checkout page.


4.2 Order confirmation

4.2.1 As soon as you have placed an order and the funds are pre-authorized in accordance with clause 6, we will confirm receipt of the order by an automated email (order confirmation).

4.2.2 The order confirmation does not constitute a binding acceptance of the order by us. The order shall be deemed to have been accepted by us either by the subsequent (e-mail) acceptance of the order or by the dispatch of the Products. The contract for the purchase of the Products is entered into between us when we confirm acceptance by email or dispatch of the Product, whichever is earlier.

4.2.3 Customers who require information on the status of their orders should log into their user account to track their order status or, in the event of a problem, contact our customer service department by clicking HERE 

4.3 Retention of title

In respect of sales by us to you, the risk of accidental destruction, damage, or loss of the delivered product is transferred to the Customer when the Product comes into the Customer's physical possession. Title to the ordered Products shall pass to the Customer upon full payment of all amounts payable in respect of the Products, including any shipping costs.


5. Prices

5.1 All prices stated on the Online Shop are fixed prices in pounds sterling. 

5.2 The shipping costs (including customs duties and other taxes and charges associated with the delivery) are listed separately in the shopping basket and are shown on the order summary before final approval by the Customer. All costs will be stated in the order confirmation e-mail sent to the Customer.

5.3 We always do our best to honour advertised prices but we reserve the right not to do so in the event of an incorrect price being published.

6. Terms of Payment

6.1 Payment must be made immediately in pounds sterling at the time of ordering on the Online Shop, though only pre-authorization of funds is made at this stage. Funds will be taken on dispatch of the Product(s). We accept all major credit and debit cards, along with other payment methods as noted at checkout, including Paypal. Alternatively, you may pay by sterling bank transfers (bank details provided to customers on request).

6.2 The Customer hereby guarantees the Seller that at the time of confirmation of his order he has all the necessary authorizations to use the method of payment chosen by him.

6.3 The Order will be processed in accordance with all applicable bank security standards. To ensure the security of payments by debit or credit card on the Online Shop, the Customer must provide the Seller with the security code (CVV) indicated on the back of the card used to pay for the Order. The Customer's card will be debited once it has been verified that his order meets all the conditions of this agreement and that the ordered goods are available at the time of shipment.

6.4 As part of the ongoing fight against fraud on the Internet, information about a Customer's order may be transmitted to a third party who is authorized by law to verify the Customer's identity, the validity of the order, the payment method used, and the planned delivery. Additional information may be requested at our discretion for this purpose.


7. Purchase and Exchange, Entry into Contract

This clause 7 shall apply where we purchase from you or exchange Products with you. The provisions for the sale of Products to you can be found in clause 4.

7.1 General conditions for purchase and exchange

7.1.1 You can offer us used Products, which are included in the range of Products in the Online Shop, for sale as part of a purchase or exchange.

7.1.2 The following conditions apply to purchase and exchange: You must be the rightful owner of the Products offered and have the right to offer the Products for purchase or exchange. You are responsible for ensuring that all Products you offer have been legally imported into the United Kingdom. If you are the first purchaser of the Products, we may require you to provide a VAT receipt as proof of the first purchase. If you are the second purchaser of the Products, we reserve the right to request further information.

7.1.3 We are not obliged to accept Products from our customers. This applies even after the Products offered for purchase or exchange have been sent to us for inspection. After entry into the contract in accordance with this clause and payment or performance of the contract, title to and ownership of the Products is irrevocably transferred to with immediate effect. In the event of an exchange with a consumer, the consumer is entitled to return the Products received from us in the exchange within the 14-day withdrawal period pursuant to clause 9.

7.2 Transmission of the information on Products to us

7.2.1 You can use the "Sell or Exchange" menu item in the Online Shop to use a form on the “Request a Quote” webpage to provide us with information about Products owned by you so that we can make you a purchase offer in respect of these Products. You will provide us with information about the item in question (type, brand, model) including a description of the condition of the item. Your description of the brand, model, and condition should correspond to the product you are offering at the time of the offer. When we inspect the Products, we will use the descriptions of conditions below, which are also the basis of our initial valuation.

7.2.2 Description of properties

Grade A:

Looks close to new i.e. only the lightest signs of cosmetic wear

Any casings, glass, buttons, and screen(s) are present & in excellent condition

No significant scuffs, marks, or scratches

Full working order

No marks/damage to glass 

Grade B: 

In good overall condition may have some signs of cosmetic wear i.e. light scuffing to some areas / slight shiny surfaces

Any casings, glass, buttons, and screen(s) are in good condition

No significant chips/scratches or damage

Full working order

Glass in good clean condition and free of scuffs. (May have very light dust, haze, or fungus, but this wouldn't affect image quality in any way whatsoever) 

Grade C: 

Well used condition, may have significant signs of cosmetic wear i.e. scuffing to some areas / shiny surfaces/marks

Any casings, glass, buttons, and screen(s) are in full working condition

Full working order

No marks/damage to glass unless specifically stated


Not in full working order

Extensive Internal fungus or damage to glass beyond repair

Working parts missing or not functioning


Items that we aren't able to test for any reason

EG: Cameras that use film that is no longer made, or lenses that we don't have an appro[riate body or adapter to test with.

(Please note that although we make every effort to fully function test our film camera bodies, we do not film test them, unless specifically stated in the description, so as such we can make no guarantees on the condition of the light seals or if there may be possible light leaks. We also do not guarantee the functionality of built-in light meters) 

7.2.3 The quality of the Products specified by you when transmitting the item information and requesting an evaluation has a direct effect on the price we quote in the evaluation.

7.3 Confirmation of receipt of the Product information

7.3.1 We will confirm receipt of the Product information by means of an automated email in which the Product information is listed again. This information will also contain an initial evaluation of the Product with regard to the possible purchase price which we may offer you.

7.3.2 Such an e-mail is not a binding offer by us. If you agree with our initial evaluation of the items, the Products can go through our inspection process.

7.4 Product review process

7.4.1 In the case of a purchase or exchange, a courier will be commissioned to collect the Products or you may choose to deliver the item(s) yourself to the shipping company's collection point. We shall only be liable for late or unsuccessful collection in accordance with clause 10.

7.4.2 If the Products are not collected due to an error by or the courier service, we will arrange an alternative collection date free of charge.

7.4.3 If the Products cannot be collected because nobody can be reached at the address provided, incorrect address details have been provided or the Customer is otherwise responsible for the failed collection, an additional fee of £10 will be charged for a new collection.

7.4.4 In the event of an exchange, we will not reserve Products that you wish to purchase from us in accordance with clause 3 until you have provided the item information and confirmed the date and address for our courier service. In the case of a reply by email, we must have received prior confirmation that the courier service has been commissioned.

7.4.5 If, on receipt of the Products, we find that they match your description, we will send you a new email to confirm our original evaluation. A contract will then be entered into on the basis of these already known terms.

7.4.6 If we discover on receipt of the Products that the actual condition of the Products differs from your description and the initial valuation needs to be adjusted, we may offer you an altered valuation. In this case, we will contact you by email and inform you of the new rating of your Products. With this email, we give you the opportunity to accept or reject the new evaluation. A new evaluation means that we reject your offer, but in return make you a new offer to enter into a contract on the basis of this new offer. If you reject the new evaluation, no contract for a purchase or exchange is entered into and we will return the Products to you free of charge.

7.4.7 retain the right to cancel the transaction or adjust the valuation for any reason inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • If Products differ in age, usage, or exact model from that quoted.

  • If Products are faulty or show signs of imminent failure.

  • If Products are not as described.

  • If Products do not include necessities such as batteries or chargers.

  • If Products show signs of excessive wear not previously described.

  • If Products show signs of having an impact or other damage.

  • If Products show signs of internal fungal growth or dampness.

  • If suspects the product is counterfeit or 'nonoriginal' in any way.

7.4.8 If you accept the new valuation, the price that you and have newly agreed for the Products will be updated and a contract will be entered into on the basis of the adjusted terms. If a payment to you is processed, the new valuation will represent the new price for the relevant Products. The price based on the new valuation is the binding purchase price we offer you. The new valuation can be accepted orally or in writing (email is sufficient). If no contract is entered into, we will return the item to you at our expense.

7.4.9 Payments made to you by in connection with a purchase or exchange are subject to the provisions of clause 14 of this Agreement.

7.4.10 The following is offered as a guide only for the timescale that the transaction will take to complete. All the following times and dates are non-binding and are for your information only.

When using our free courier service, we usually receive the Products the next working day following collection, unless the Products are sent from a remote location.

We will then compare the Products with the information you have provided and will carry out our Products inspection on ALL Products as soon as possible. This usually takes two to five working days but may take longer.

Bank transfers are processed for payment in batches and once your Products have been checked and you have verified your bank details and these have passed to our payment system, payment is made within 3 working days. Exactly when the funds are cleared and available to you in your account can vary depending on which organization the account is held with.

Please note that we will regularly keep you informed by email about the progress and status of the purchase or exchange. has no responsibility for any delays by the courier services.


7.4.11 The price offered by is the total amount offered for your equipment. 

8. Delivery on Sale and Exchange

8.1 All orders are dispatched via Hermes tracked delivery without exception and may require a signature on delivery. shall have no liability for any late delivery however arising. We cannot accept requests to use alternative couriers.

8.2 Once the order has been placed, it will be sent to the postal address indicated by the Customer when placing the order. In the case of sales, we endeavour to dispatch Products that are in stock and ordered before 3 pm p.m on the same working day, but this isn't always the case. If your item isn't dispatched on the same working day, it will be dispatched the following working day. 

8.3 All orders are sent by a shipping service provider and may need to be confirmed by the Customer with a signature upon delivery. Each delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the Customer or a third party designated by the Customer has physically taken possession of the Product(s) and or signed the order confirmation.

8.4 Please ensure that you are available at the delivery address to receive your delivery. If there is no signature by the Customer, the Products will not be handed over and will be returned to the local depot. Please follow the instructions of the courier service to arrange for a new delivery.

8.5 shall not be liable for loss or damage to any part of any parcel (whether comprising one or more packages in the parcel), or for the loss or non-delivery of the whole of any parcel, or for damage, delay or detention, or any part thereof however caused unless we are advised thereof in writing of the fact of the loss or damage or misdelivery or failure of delivery within 10 days from the date shipped.

9. Returns Policy

9.1 You may cancel an order at any time before your order is delivered and up to 14 days afterwards, beginning on the day that your order (in its entirety) is delivered to you. If you cancel, you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the Product(s) as soon as possible and, in any case, within 14 days after the day on which we receive the Product(s) back or, if earlier, the day on which we receive evidence that you have returned the Product(s) to our returns address.

9.2 To cancel an order, you must clearly inform us by emailing us at stating your name and order number or by phoning us on 01709278228 stating your name and order number

9.3 To exercise your right under clause 9.1, you must also return the Product(s) to us within 14 days after the day of notifying us of the cancellation, in the same condition in which you receive them (which does not interfere with your right to take any reasonable steps to examine the Product(s) and make sure they conform to your order). You have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the Product(s) while in your possession. If you fail to comply with this obligation, we may have a right to deduct the cost of any deterioration (due, for example, to your having used the Product(s)), up to the price of the Product(s), from the refund to which you are otherwise entitled.

9.4 Please note that you must contact us prior to returning any Products received and obtain a Returns Authorisation Number.

9.5 Products must be returned to us via an insured and trackable delivery service. If you return a Product because of an error on our part we will refund return postage charges. In all other cases, you will be responsible for return postage charges.

9.6 All returns must also be accompanied by the original sales invoice.

9.7 Subject to clause 9.1, retains the right to issue a refund rather than replacement on any item returned, including those items returned due to faults or where items are considered not as described.

Subject to clause 9.1, we will not be liable for damage to equipment in the following circumstances:​

  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or opening not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.

  • Damage caused by improper installation, incorrect use, or operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.

  • Damage caused by a non-authorized service provider.

10. Liability

10.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or exclude our liability to you:

  • for death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

  • for fraudulent misrepresentation;

  • for breach of any term implied by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and which, by law, may not be limited or excluded;

  • under Part I of the Consumer Protection Act 1987; or

  • for any other liability that, by law, may not be limited or excluded.

10.2 Subject to clause 10.1, if you are a consumer and not a trader, in no event shall we be liable to you for any business losses, and if you are a trader, in no event shall we be liable to you for any indirect or consequential losses, or for any loss of profit, revenue, contracts, data, goodwill or other similar losses, and any liability we do have for losses you suffer arising from any order shall not exceed the purchase price of the relevant Product and is strictly limited to losses that were reasonably foreseeable. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time your order is accepted by us.

10.3 We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under any contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control

10.4 Nothing within the Agreement shall affect the statutory rights of any consumer.


11. Errors and Omissions

We make every effort to provide only correct information on the Online Shop. Should you nevertheless find an error, please inform us by email at and we will correct the error as soon as possible.

12. Payments to you

12.1 Payment to you is made via bank transfer (BACS), or Paypal. Once a contract is agreed upon, you will be contacted and prompted to enter a valid sort code and account number through a secure link for payments to the UK registered account. Payments will not be made to accounts outside of the UK.

12.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that the payment details, including account number and sort code are correct and accurate. We may prompt you via email to verify that the payment details you have provided are correct and accurate. Such communications or prompts of this type from us to you do not mean that we assume any responsibility whatsoever for the validity of the details that you submit/provide and it remains your sole responsibility to ensure that the payment details you have provided are correct, complete and accurate. will not be liable if you fail to receive a payment or suffer any loss, including but not limited to a payment sent to an incorrect account or recipient, as a result of any failure by you to correctly, completely, and accurately provide and/or submit all payment details required when using our secure form or when providing details in any manner.

12.3 Failing to provide correct and accurate payment details when prompted may result in delays in payments being made. holds no responsibility for any such delays however arising. You are responsible for providing us with correct payment details (Account number and sort code for UK bank account. using the link provided to you via email. If you fail to provide correct payment details to us within 2 weeks of your item(s) being checked, Gibson Cameras reserves the right to take ownership of your item(s) without further notification or payment. In the case of adjusted quotes, you are responsible for replying to the adjustment email within 2 weeks of the send date. The response can be either through clicking the ‘accept’ button or replying in writing to confirm that you do not wish to proceed and confirming your return address for the items. We reserve the right to take ownership of your item if you do not respond to accept or decline your adjusted quote in the manner outlined here.

12.4 You understand, accept, and agree that some of the payment methods made available to you to process these payments, including, but not limited to, payments by bank transfer (BACS), depend on third parties whom we cannot and do not control. We will not be liable for delay in receipt of payment as a result of the actions or inactions of such third parties. Payments may be subject to discretionary validation and security checks that we or third parties may require.

13. Force Majeure will not be liable for any failure to perform our contractual obligations if this is due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This includes, but is not limited to, natural disasters, acts of God, fire, floods, storms, pandemics, epidemics, forms of industrial action, actions of Internet service providers, and decisions by governments or other authorities.


14. Conditions for the courier service

14.1 Customers within the UK are eligible for our free courier service for purchases and exchanges.

14.2 offers customers a number of ways to send your Products to us for FREE. They include using:

14.2.1 Our FREE insured Courier Service, which is offered to customers within the UK;

14.2.2 An insured and signed for postal or courier service approved by 

14.3 takes no responsibility for damage or loss of items sent to us by an alternative postal or courier service. Customers wishing to send items themselves are recommended to use insured and trackable service and to retain the proof of postage.

14.4 All collections will be booked for only one box unless otherwise specified by you. If your Products require more than one box or package, you are required to inform us before the courier is booked.

14.5 You must ensure that the appropriate details, such as your reference number and the words "", are displayed clearly on the package and that the appropriate paperwork is fully and accurately completed and enclosed. Any failure to do so may result in delays or errors when processing your items.

14.6 Our Courier Service allows Products to be insured up to the value we have placed on them, which is outlined item-by-item, in the final valuation or order invoice. No other valuations will be accepted other than that of for these insurance purposes. Only Products included on the paperwork associated with the transaction will be covered by this insurance. Any additional Products included by you for purchase or exchange which are not described in the paperwork associated with the transaction are sent at your own risk.

14.7 Please ensure that all Products are fully and carefully packaged for reasonable impact and movement during transit. Failure to package Products in a suitable manner may affect any insurance claim for damage to Products during transit. will not be responsible for any damage incurred during transit as a direct result of insufficient packaging.

14.8 To make a claim for a lost or damaged order, please contact directly.

14.9 reserves the right to reject a parcel at the point of delivery if there is not a valid label attached.

14.10 You shall not require us or our courier to carry or convey anything if such carriage or conveyance would be unlawful. We and our courier will NOT carry ANY PRODUCTS that are NOT previously agreed for sale with or purchase by and which are not included on the paperwork for the transaction. Should you nevertheless deliver Products that we do not accept for carriage, you shall be liable for any and all loss or damage caused by, or in connection with, the Products, however arising and shall indemnify against all penalties, claims, damages, costs and expenses whatsoever arising in connection therewith. The Products may be destroyed or otherwise dealt with at the sole discretion of, our courier, or by any other person in whose custody they may be at the relevant time.

14.11 reserves the right to refuse any parcels which are neither the property of nor sent on behalf of you.


15. Liability of when using our courier service

15.1 shall only be responsible for any loss or damage to a parcel, or for non-delivery or misdelivery if it is proved that the loss, damage, non-delivery, or misdelivery was NOT due to your negligence or fault.

15.2 can under no circumstances whatsoever accept any responsibility for any delay to parcels whilst in transit.

15.3 Since is unable to assess the cost to a Customer of the loss or damage of any parcel, in no case whatsoever shall any liability of the Company, however arising and notwithstanding any lack of explanation, exceed the quoted value of the relevant Products in a parcel or the value of compensation cover selected at the point of purchase whichever is less. If the Products in the parcel have any extra intrinsic value to the Customer or the Customer would suffer consequential losses in the event of their loss or damage to the goods in the parcel, then the Customer is advised to insure against such risks and losses since we are not liable for any such loss or damage.

15.4 shall not be liable for loss or damage to any part of any parcel (whether comprising one or more packages in the parcel), or for the loss or non-delivery of the whole of any parcel, or for damage, delay or detention, or any part thereof, however, caused, unless we are advised thereof in writing, of the fact of the loss or damage or misdelivery (as the case may be) within 10 days from the date that you had your parcel(s) accepted by the courier.

15.5 shall not be liable for loss or damage to any part of any parcel (whether comprising one or more packages in the parcel), or for the loss or non-delivery of the whole of any parcel, or for damage, delay or detention, or any part thereof however caused if the parcel is not correctly labelled.

15.6 Packages are only insured by if due process is followed at the point of collection, such that the package(s) can be tracked through the courier system as "collected". If the package(s) cannot be tracked into the courier network and there is no authorized proof of collection, cannot be held liable for any items or losses.

15.7 Authorised proof of collection is in the form of a printed courier collection slip or proof via the electronic courier tracking system that a package has been collected. Hand-written confirmation of collection from the courier will not be considered proof of collection, so please do not hand over your package(s) unless the courier is able to scan the package(s) and provide a printed collection slip.

15.8 cannot be held liable if courier tracking shows that nothing was collected from the address and no authorized proof of collection can be provided for the package(s).

15.9 In the case of drop off all package(s) are fully insured, provided printed proof of collection is obtained from the drop off shop or depot and the package(s) have tracked onto the courier network

15.10 If a package is delayed in transit or does not arrive within the standard timeframe then will launch an investigation with the courier, which can take up to 10 working days. No payment will be made until the conclusion of any investigation, followed by an internal investigation by The maximum term for a complete investigation into a non-delivered package is 30 days. All decisions taken as a result of any investigation are final.


16. Gift Cards

16.1 Gift cards can be purchased from our website and are processed via Square 

16.2 Gift cards are available in pre-set amounts from £10 - £100 but you may choose your own amount from £1 - £100 if you wish

16.3 To use your gift card on our website, you must contact us over the phone on 01709278228  as these need to be processed manually through our system  

16.4 Our gift cards don't expire but will no longer be usable once the balance on the card has been used 

16.5 Gift cards are non-refundable 

16.6 Gift cards have no cash value  and cannot be exchanged for cash

16.7 Gift cards can be used to purchase anything on our site, up to the value of your gift card. If you would like to purchase something that exceeds the value of your gift card, the remaining value would need to be paid at the time of purchase. We cannot accept the remainder of the payment at a later date than when your gift card is redeemed. 

16.8 If you need to check the balance of your gift card, you can do so here or alternately, you can call us on 01709278228 and we can check the balance for you

17. Severability Clause

If one or more provisions of this agreement are found to be invalid in application of a law or regulation or by a final judgment of a competent court or authority, the remaining provisions shall remain fully effective.

In order to resolve a complaint regarding the Site or to receive further information regarding the use of the Site, please contact us at: 
Gibson Cameras
Phone: 01709278228

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