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There's no stock photographs here, the item you're viewing is what you'll receive. 

Thornton Pickard Junior Special Ruby Reflex  With 6x9 Rollex Roll Film Back 

This camera is in excellent condition with only slight scuffing to the leather

The ground glass is clear and in good condition. (A 6x9 frame line has been drawn on in marker to account for the roll film back)

The hood is in good condition and free from tears, this also folds, unfolds and locks into place smoothly 

The back rotates smoothly 

Comes with a rear ground glass as well as the waist level ground glass, which is in good condition but as above has a 6x9 fame line drawn onto it 

The internals are clean and well-maintained.

The shutter winds and fires smoothly.

All the shutter speeds are operational.

The lens is clean and in good condition 

The aperture is functional 

The focus is smooth and functional

The lens's rise and fall is smooth and functional 

Please note, this is a 3 ¼" x 4 ¼" plate camera that comes with a 6x9 Rollex roll film back to allow the use of 120 film 

Does not come with any plate holders 

Comes with the original lockable case 

1920 Thornton Pickard Junior Special Ruby Reflex With 6x9 Rollex Roll Film Back

  • Brand: Thornton Pickard

    Film Type: 3 ¼" x 4 ¼" plate - 120 roll film with the roll film back 

    Type: Large Format 

    Lens Mount: N/A 

    Battery Type: N/A 

    Serial No: 

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